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Markus Breuer

Founder & CEO

Markus is a committed and passionate management consultant. He has good intuition and his “outside the box” mindset ensures that he always finds the optimal solution. He loves new challenges, good wine and courageous decisions in working life. 
(Stefanie Geiser about Markus Breuer)

Tim Breuer


Tim is an ambitious visionary. With his commitment and innovative approach Tim brings a breath of fresh air to every process. His warm and light-hearted nature motivates the entire team.
(Tatjana Bucher about Tim Breuer)

Stefanie Geiser

Executive Assistant

Steffi is the coordinator and heart of MBC Associate AG as well as her wonderful family. She always knows what is needed and can always be counted on as a reliable contact without losing sight of the bigger picture. Steffi pursues all her goals with a kind-hearted and pragmatic approach.
(Kristin Eisenberg about Stefanie Geiser)

Kristin Eisenberg

Marketing Manager

Kristin manages all our marketing projects with charm, exceptional organisational talent and foresight. She is always open to new ideas, even if they seem unconventional. Her extensive experience in brand development makes her a seasoned pro with an eye for detail.
(Stefanie Geiser about Kristin Eisenberg)


Accounting Clerk



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